1859 Gold Sovereign Ansell NGC XF 45


Marsh rates Ansell Sovereigns R4

“They are among the rarest known gold Sovereigns”

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UNITED KINGDOM. Victoria, 1837-1901.
Gold sovereign, 1859. London. Ansell.
Mintage : 167,539
Diameter : 22.05 mm
Weight : 7.98 gram
Composition : 917.0/1000 Gold.

In secure plastic holder, graded NGC XF 45, certification number 6769668-006

In 1859, the Royal Mint rejected a batch of gold that was found to be too brittle for the minting of gold sovereigns. Analysis revealed the presence of small amounts of antimony, arsenic and lead. With Ansell’s background in chemistry, he persuaded the Royal Mint to allow him to experiment with the alloy and was ultimately able to produce 167,539 gold sovereigns. The only identifying feature to single out an ‘Ansell’ sovereign is the presence of an additional line on the ribbon, used to tie back Victoria’s hair.These Ansell sovereigns are some of the most sought after varieties due to the unusual story behind them. Today, only 15 – 25 examples of this coin are known to exist and are therefore extremely rare & collectable.