Great Britain: Victoria gold Sovereign 1841 XF45 NGC “Unbarred As in GRATIA”


Victoria gold Sovereign 1841 XF45 NGC

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UNITED KINGDOM. Victoria, 1837-1901.
Gold sovereign, 1841. London. Unbarred ‘A’s.
First young head of Victoria facing left, hair tied in fillet; date below truncation; VICTORIA DEI GRATIA, with unbarred ‘A’s in GRATIA. / Crowned shield within wreath; thistle, rose and shamrock below; BRITANNIARUM REGINA FID: DEF:.

Reference: Marsh-24A; S-3852
Diameter : 22.05 mm.
Weight : 7.98 gram
Composition : 917.0/1000 Gold

“The most significant date rarity in the entire Victorian Sovereign series “